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Pinnacle Overseas has for long participated in Fairs and exhibitions across the globe on various continents. With regular participation at various international fairs, Pinnacle Overseas renders service to a range of renowned brands in Europe, America, and Australia. Every season our latest collection is unveiled at the Mipel Bag Show in Milan and APLF in Hongkong twice a year. 

  • APLF - Hong Kong from 1989 to 1999 for ten consecutive years.

  • Mipel Bag Show Milan - Italy 2005 to 2017 for twelve consecutive years.


  • Fashion First - Belgium 2005

  • ILM Offenbach - Germany 2015

  • ILD Offenbach - Germany 2018

  • Dusseldorf - Germany 2019

  • India Leather Show - 2019

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