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Corporate Social Responsibility at Pinnacle Overseas embraces the principles of sustainable development and development for all. We believe that while growing, it is our humble duty to give back to the community which forms the cornerstone of our success.

Pinnacle Overseas offers a positive workplace environment and employee development programs, while also promoting diversity and striving to hire a broad range of human resources. Pinnacle Overseas also advocates a work-life balance to encourage employees' motivation and sense of growth. We provided free COVID 19 Vaccination in 2021 to all our employees free of cost to safeguard and protect our employees from the dreaded COVID-19 disease. 

Pinnacle Overseas comply with relevant laws and ordinances as well as social norms when carrying out business transactions. We protect confidential information and personal information obtained through business transactions.
We strive to build relationships of trust and carry out fair and equitable procurement activities. We have a strict NO-CORRUPTION policy, applicable to all our vendor partners and sourcing managers.

Pinnacle Overseas recognizes that its most important responsibility to stakeholders is continually fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities through sound business activities. At the same time, we believe that corporate governance, in particular, compliance and risk management, is key to fulfilling this responsibility. To that end, we strive to strengthen and enhance its corporate governance as a top priority.

In our business activities and the actions of its employees, we work towards the conservation and qualitative improvement of the Earth's priceless environment so that the next generation can enjoy a healthy environment. In carrying out development, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service, and support for Leather goods, we provide environmentally friendly products which conserve energy and resources, and do not use hazardous substances.

COVID -19 Vaccination Program "WE ARE NOW  VACCINATED!"

Covid-19 Second wave caused a massive number of casualties across India. Entire healthcare system was put to test during the 2nd wave. It has taken many young lives with it and some very close ones. The second wave also caused a more severe damage to the country's economy. As a precautionary measure, Pinnacle Overseas had gone ahead and vaccinated all its workforce and staff members on 07-06-2021 in association with Medica Super Specialty Hospital, Kolkata West Bengal - INDIA. 

Preventive Measures Adopted by Pinnacle Overseas

  • Mandatory check of body temperature via infrared thermometer for all workers and staff members by the security.

  • Compulsory for workers and staff members to wear masks at all times.

  • Sanitization of the workstation with sanitizers and other disinfectants.

  • Mandatory home quarantine of 14 days for any outstation visiting workers or staff.

  • Conduction of workshops and other educative sessions for workers on the prevention of Covid-19.

Health check up and in-house training 

Pinnacle Overseas conducts in-house health check-up for all its employees by physicians every quarter. Educative programs and in-house training of all employees to understand and prevent health risks. Emergency aid and other safety training measures are given to all its employees by medical experts. Workplace safety training is as vital as workplace safety itself. It enables the management to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. It also helps the employees to recognize safety hazards and correct them. It enables them to understand best safety practices and expectations.

  • Workplace ergonomics

  • Fire safety

  • Workplace violence prevention

  • Employee health resources

  • Environmental safety

  • Equipment safety

  • Online safety and cyber security

Training topics 

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